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Welcome to the heart of Nor-Com's operation—our service portfolio. Each offering in our diverse array, from digital marketing to web development, business development and ICT solutions, has been meticulously crafted to boost your business in this digitally-driven era. Our expertise, backed by proven results, is ready to turn your vision into reality. Dive in, discover our unique solutions, and embark on a journey towards exponential growth.

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Elevate your online presence with our personalized digital marketing solutions, aimed to boost brand recognition and customer engagement.


We analyze your unique corporate and operational challenges to tailor strategies that foster growth and stability—catapulting your business towards its objectives.


Cut unnecessary costs by automating processes in your business Increase efficiency and free up resources like time and money.


Maximize efficiency and scalability while saving costs with our ICT solutions in partnership with some of the strongest brands in Norway.

for Hire

Gain access to expertise without the need for a long-term commitment. Our consultants bring knowledge and experience to your projects, providing insights tailored to your business goals.

Sharing Partnerships

If we strongly believe in your vision, we can offer a revenue-sharing partnership. We invest our skills and expertise in your business, and together, we reap the benefits of its success.

Celebrating nor-com’s achievements

Our consultant team's credentials encompass esteemed Al and Data Science skills to Marketing and Business leadership expertise. We offer up to date knowledge ready to be implemented in your business. Nor-Com is proud to announce that we are certified in Google Ads and Facebook marketing, manifesting our adeptness in key digital marketing platforms. The Power BI Data Analytics Associate certificate stands testament to our skill in transforming data into strategic insights. Further solidifying our commitment to delivering ICT solutions is our enduring alliance with MOBIT, Norway's top ICT provider in the B2B segment.

Free no-obligation evaluation session

Explore your possibilities today. Book a free no-obligation 30 minutes evaluation and let's explore the opportunities together. It's a chance to gain insight, ask questions, and understand how we can help.