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Consultant for Hire

Optimize your business operations and overcome pressing challenges with seasoned consultants. Harness the power of expert strategies and robust solutions to pave your path to success. With experienced guidance, your potential becomes actuality.

Consultant for Hire

Informed Decisions for Business Excellence

Engaging with a skilled consultant is an investment that propels your business toward its goals. Whether it's cutting-edge strategy development, process optimization, or management support, the benefit of external expertise cannot be overstated. A consultant brings a fresh perspective and objective analysis to identify bottlenecks, evaluate business processes, and uncover opportunities for growth. They contribute their broad industry knowledge and unique experience to design custom solutions, addressing your specific challenges and maximizing the efficiency and profitability of your operations. As you strive to navigate the intricate business landscape, the consultant’s role is to provide strategic guidance, enabling you to make informed decisions that lead to sustainable success. Their role includes aligning your operations with market trends, optimizing your resources, cutting costs and expanding operations, and promoting a culture of innovation. In essence, the goal is to ensure your business is not just surviving, but thriving in its industry.

Individual Services

Services for Consultant for Hire

Business Strategy

Developing and implementing strategic business plans to drive growth.

Project Management

Managing and leading projects with a focus on efficient delivery.

IT Advisory

Providing expert advice on leveraging IT solutions to meet business goals.

Financial Advisory

Offering financial guidance to optimize profitability and growth.

Human Resource

Advising on HR strategies to attract, develop, and retain top talent.

Operations Management

Enhancing operational efficiencies for improved productivity and cost reduction.

Marketing Strategy

Crafting effective marketing strategies to strengthen market presence and drive sales.

AI Automation

Processes for efficiency and better work flow, resulting in lower costs and profitability. 

Company Project

Projects and Success Stories

Moss Dekk AS logo

Strengthening brand recognition and increasing revenue through Social Media and Google Ad Campaigns

“As CEO of Moss Dekk AS, I recognize the crucial nature of a robust online presence in our industry. Nor-Com has truly transformed the way we approach our digital marketing and web presence. From updating our website to implementing targeted marketing campaigns such as Google Ads and Facebook Ads, they have demonstrated a deep understanding of our business operations in the tyre sales and management sector. Their strategies and dedicated services have notably enhanced our reach, customer engagement and brand recognition. I would highly recommend Nor-Com to any business seeking to strengthen their digital foothold and achieve remarkable growth."

arti indian restaurant logo

Boosted Sales and Brand Visibility with Nor-Com's Campaigns and Digital Strategy

Arti Indian restaurant has been serving traditional Indian dishes to the Norwegian market in Bergen for the last 40 years. We choose Nor-Com as our digital marketing partner to get help with the modern ways of marketing our values and products. They have done a good job creating brand awareness for our restaurant business and been able to drive a great deal of attention. We have experienced a significant increase in traffic and sales due to the successful marketing strategies and modern approaches the company has used for us through various campaigns. We highly recommend them as a digital marketing partner.

Mutto Mobility Logo

Business Development and Digital Marketing campaigns to sharpen and communicate our Value Proposition

"As a company operating in the mobility services sector both in Norway and abroad, we at Mutto recognized the need for expertise in several key areas. Nor-Com assisted us by redesigning our website for a better user experience, optimizing our database for superior performance, and offering business development insights that sharpened our value proposition. Furthermore, we ran multiple digital marketing campaigns, especially on Google and via Email, expanding our visibility and deepening our connections with potential partners and clients. Our partnership with Nor-Com has been instrumental in tailoring digital solutions to meet our specific industry needs."

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